i talked about it some here but now that it's for sure coming back for s2, and they are adding elijah wood to the cast, starting its own thread.

i predict they will drag out the storyline you care about the entire season to another non-resolution to make you beg for another season. repeat this strategy until it become evident there never was a plan to actually reveal what happened on the island and they were just making it up as they went along and the show is canceled.

hope i'm wrong. will be watching.

Re: Yellowjackets

as s2 ended, i was not wrong. this show is fucking silly (now). it's ridiculous. everyone makes stupid decisions, goofy plot elements introduced then tossed, etc. sure, they got to the cannibalism this season, but have generally handled it terribly. as everyone came together for an impromptu reunion, it raises the question - what happened to all the other girls (the population of that cabin seemed to grow this season somehow) that are not in the present? did they kill and eat that many fucking people? if so, what's the plan here, 10 seasons? there is no indication of how much time has passed in the past, other than the pregnancy. it's going to go on forever. this is another walking dead where they had a great idea but no real clue how to go forward, and that show had source material. do not recommend.