Re: Jackass Forever

Finally made it to free streaming, so got to watch it last night via Amazon. Holy shit is it funny. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The “forever” refers to the effective passing of the torch to the younger crew that is sort of the B-plot of this film, with the main guys basically saying this is it for them, they’re too old for this shit. Which they definitely are. As far as the next gen of people, a couple are game for anything and really go for it, one of whom probably won’t have to worry about having children after this movie, so he’ll be down for whatever for a long time. The rest of them… I mean, they could fill the quantity column for sure, but I don’t know how long they will be tolerable. And while they have a Preston-replacement, they don’t have a Wee-Man replacement, and that will kill a non-zero family of gags built entirely around his size. They really didn’t have any bits in the film that were theirs and theirs alone - they were basically punching bags for the main crew when they showed up, as they’re making them “pay their dues”. So my concern is the writing of the bits. A couple of the guys seem really dumb, so not sure how imaginative they will be. We really don’t need to see a re-hash of the same bits by new people. Anyway, all that aside - this film is funny. Only a couple things that I didn’t want to see, but they were mercifully short. There are two set pieces where a large miniature set is built around a central prop that is a body part(s) of one of the guys, and goddamn are they funny. The entire opening sequence is worth the price of admission. It’s so ridiculous that once you realize what you’re watching the laughter should double you over. Extremely well done. Adding to the “price of admission” value, you get to see MGK smacked and knocked on his ass into a freezing pool. Tory Belleci also makes an appearance, as does Tony Hawk. Sure, no Bam or Dunn, but Bam couldn’t keep it together for the one condition they had (stay sober for filming) and while he has seemingly tried to get his shit together more recently, just a couple days ago he gets arrested for a domestic, so fuck that guy. I always enjoyed his show more than Jackass, but he’s really turned into a shitbag. I don’t think he ever really processed or dealt with losing Dunn in any meaningful way. It just broke him, which I get. But at some point my feelings of sympathy run out and your decisions are on you. They have a nice “Dunn Forever” tribute at the end, and I do miss that guy. Maybe he could have helped keep Bam afloat. Regardless, everyone else is here and on 10. If you’re even remotely a fan, you should watch this. The gross-out gags are kept to a minimum - like I said, only a couple things I didn’t really want to see, but they were short - and the crazy/funny gags at full. Very well done, and I liked it way more than I expected to.