Since the upgrade, smilies have been a bit problematic. While all the old smilies do still exist, they're not showing up on the "View More Smilies" page, linked on the right-hand side of the posting page. I'm currently working on this.

In the interim, I've added some new smilies and shuffled other codes around. You'll now notice that we have two versions each of :D, :P, :), ;) & :(, as well as a few "eek" smilies. While these all can be accessed by clicking them from the Smilies menu, if you wish to use them in the quick reply box, you require the code. For each of those 5 "standard" smilies, there with the two variants. The first version (as listed in the Smilies menu to the right - always the phpBB version) can always be accessed with the basic afore-mentioned code. The code for the second variant simply has a dash (or "nose") between the colon and operator, e.g.: :) and :-), :D and :-D, ;) and ;-) etcetera, etcetera. The first "eek" smiley uses the usual :o code, the second is :eek: and the third :!: - there is also a super mega giant version of the first :o for those extra super WTF moments, accessible with :!!!: . The confused looking smiley between the mad smiley and the first eek smiley has 4 available codes: :/ :\ :-\ :-/

To make things easier in the future and to aid you in remembering the codes for the custom smilies should you wish to, I will replace the smiley description that pops up when you hover over it with your mouse, with all of the available codes that will produce that smiley.

If any codes start producing unexpected results, let me know. The codes for the old smilies do still work, if you can remember them; they simply do not show up in the additional smilies menu for now.

Please note that smiley codes are CASE SENSITIVE! For smileys that use single alphabetical characters in them, I will try and create codes for them that includes both upper and lower cases. Smilies that are activated by a name between colons (e.g.: :eek:) will not, however, be made with upper-case variants. If in doubt, hover over the smiley on the posting page for the list of possible codes that will work with that smiley.

Re: Smilies

The issue has been sorted. All available smilies are now displayed here. That smiley display page can also be reached by clicking "View more smilies" under the smilies displayed at the right of any main posting page.

If you hover over the image of a smiley, either on the smiley display page or at the right of a posting page, the tooltip will show you an exhaustive list of codes that will activate that particular smiley.