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TC wrote:so which WaH BR is better, the UK or the FR?
I haven't read any reviews yet of the new French disc, but since both are from Universal Europe I suspect they're the exact same transfer.

As for IE, keep in mind that it was shot on 480 video, so aside from maybe less compression you're not really going to get an improvement with the blu-ray.
TC wrote:goddamn, i just found out UK has FWWM, MD, IE, LH, WaH, EM.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
And to add insult to injury, except for WaH they're all region encoded.
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FWWM & LH BLU-RAY FEB 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wrote:Madman announces Fire Walk With Me on Blu-ray for Feb, 2012!

She’s dead, wrapped in… drool.

Via their Facebook account, Madman films have announced that “Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me” and “Lost Highway” are getting the Blu-ray treatment in February.

The former will be especially high in-demand, having been one of the most requested back catalogue titles for years now (In fact, I was trying to help Madman, back when it was The AV Channel, acquire the rights to the cult 1992 flick about a decade ago. Patience is a virtue it seems). No word yet on whether the local release will include the highly sought-after deleted scenes, but guess that information will be served up shortly.
fucking FINALLY. crossing my fingers for deleted scenes....

Lynch Blu-ray Box Set in UK

TC wrote:now where's the lynch R1 stuff????
Not Region A, but if Wild At Heart is any indication hopefully region free, Universal is releasing a Lynch blu-ray box on June 4 (just in time for my birthday!) containing Eraserhead, Dune, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Fire Walk With Me and Lost Highway. They're also releasing Eraserhead, Fire Walk With Me and Lost Highway seperately. Again, Wild At Heart was region free, so I'm crossing my fingers these will be as well.
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Re: David Lynch Blu-Ray tracker

Here are the extras for all the new discs except FWWM:

Blue Velvet:
Interview with Dennis Hopper (45 Mins)
Mysteries of Love documentary (70 Mins)
Three Outtakes
Siskel & Ebert "At the Movies"
Four Vignettes
Theatrical trailer
TV Spots

Destination Dune (06.16)
Impressions of Dune (38.02)
Interview with Golda Offenheim, production co-ordinator on Dune (25.00)
Theatrical trailer

LYNCH ONE documentary (81.42)
Four short films
Six Men Getting Sick - 1966 (03.45)
The Alphabet - 1968 (03.44)
The Amputee Take 1 - 1974 (04.50)
The Amputee Take 2 - 1974 (04.04)

Lost Highway:
Four Intervalometer Experiments:
Steps (03.38)
Dining Room (02.55)
Groper (00.18)
Sunset (06.03)
Six short films:
The Darkened Room (08.16)
Boat (07.16)
Lamp (30.20)
Out Yonder - Neighbour Boy (09.38)
Industrial Soundscape (10.20)
The Bug Crawls (04.12)

Wild At Heart:
DUMBLAND (all eight animated episodes) (35.00)
Two short films:
The Grandmother - 1970 (33.36)
Lumiere and Company - 1995 (00.58)
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Re: David Lynch Blu-Ray tracker

Universal's statement on the lack of deleted scenes for Blue Velvet:
We have sourced the best HD Master we could find for the film transfer and have made care to include as many extras as possible on the release. In fact, the only item we haven’t been able to include from the US MGM/ Fox version is the 50 minutes of newly discovered scenes. This was due to the fact we were unfortunately unable to license that for use in the UK
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Re: David Lynch Blu-Ray tracker

there is a licensing conflict. i'm inferring that licensing is by region. so, given what was said, it sounds like these will be EMEA-only (whatever letter corresponds to R2) since they were "nable to license that for use in the UK".

Re: David Lynch Blu-Ray tracker

At most that means Blue Velvet might be region B. It has nothing to do with the other discs. But more to the point, all the other Blue Velvet blu-ray releases were by MGM/Fox, who owns the rights to the remastered deleted scenes. Whereas the UK release is by Universal. When they say they couldn't license the scenes for the UK, what that really means is Universal not being able to license the content of MGM/Fox, not a country or region thing. In fact, there are several region B releases of Blue Velvet (France, Germany , Holland) by MGM that all have the deleted scenes on them. Some of them are even region free.
So I wouldn't infer anything from the lack of licensing the deleted scenes as far as the region of the disc goes. Universal UK still puts out almost all their discs region free. And since Wild At Heart, also an MGM title here in the US, is region free, that bodes well for Blue Velvet being so as well. That all said, even if somehow Blue Velvet isn't, it's not like you can just pick up a copy of the US version. Heck, I saw it in Target last week for $9.99.
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