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i nominate this one:
I am an aborted fetus Angel and I bring you good news, heaven needs abortions. There are not enough good people on Earth so, Jesus needs fresh babies to keep his army of Angels strong. Aside from having my head sucked through my asshole, being aborted was the best thing that has ever happened to me. When you are aborted you automatically become an Angel....that is like being voted on the All-Star team with out ever playing a game. Abortions are a hall pass to heaven. I have already met GOD and Jimmi Hendrix. I have come to Earth to spread the new gospel of abortions. I encourage all young girls to get atleast one before they graduate high school, it is like giving your fetus a winning lottery heaven Mother Theresa does my laundry and it is not just because she is a woman.

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from the above blog:
Christian Bale is Batman

Actor Christian Bale was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and that really a crime? I thought that Parliament had specifically passed the "If she deserves it" Act to clear up grey areas about bitch slapping moochy women. Apparently his estranged family members had accausted Americas greatest actor in an effort to draw him into some pyramid scheme or QuiXtar franchise. When he refused to dole out any of his hard earned money the two woman apparently pushed themselves into his fists and then called the Police. He obviously let these hookers off without a thorough beating since the Police didn't see fit to detain him from appearing at the premiere of his new movie in London..... ... ition=also

It's pretty simple bitches.......if you talk back to Batman you are gonna get a slap

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There's some funny stuff in there. The woman giving birth cake is kind of creepy though. I do like the one with the dead groom at the bottom of the cake (it's on page 3).
Just cut them up like regular chickens

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That sounds about right. Wish I could've got away with that the amount of times that my parents had said to one of their friends "Oh don't worry about that, my son will get that for you. Payment? Oh-ho-ho, no, don't worry about that, I'm sure he'd be delighted to do it for you." :fuckoff:

Fortunately, they kinda don't do that anymore. :haw:

I still get the phonecalls though. :suicide: