you're the second person that's told me that, but i got both of the PMs. they go through but you still get the error.

i'll look into it.

Re: Server error

I'm adding this to this thread because I can't start a new one, which is the error I'm reporting. When I try to start a new thread and submit the post, it comes back with this error:

Code: Select all

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

Field 'topic_last_post_subject' doesn't have a default value [1364]

An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.
I can post followups to existing threads with no problem (as you can see). The error only happens when submitting the post for a new thread.
Just cut them up like regular chickens

Re: Server error

_Marcus_ wrote:Could you be a doll and fix Playstation Network while you're at it?
Sorry, but we just don't have the time travel capabilities required to ensure that Howard Stringer was never born.

Server error

All day yesterday I was getting a database error when trying to access the site from my home pc...when I did get logged in and tried to click on a forum, send a pm or post something I got a server error message most of the time...

Im in work right now and getting the same database error...

Re: Server error

Im getting an internal server error whenever I submit a post, I saw someone Andyc? had posted that he had the same issue.
Post gets submitted successfully but you dont get the redirect back to the post itself.