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I see he's going to be in an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Haven't checked imdb but this has to be one of his first real acting gigs in some time.
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Alexhead wrote:I see he's going to be in an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Haven't checked imdb but this has to be one of his first real acting gigs in some time.
IMDb reports some scattered TV appearances (CSI: Miami and the like) amid all the apparent direct-to-DVD garbage.
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holy fuck, someone's going to put him in prime time:
WENN wrote:Sizemore Heading To Hawaii For New TV Role

Black Hawk Down star Tom Sizemore has been given a career boost following a string of drug issues and well-publicised personal problems - he'll play a cop on the second season of the revamped Hawaii Five-o .

The actor will join Lost star Terry O’Quinn for recurring roles on the TV drama.

Sizemore will play an ex-homicide detective-turned-Hawaii's Internal Affairs chief, according to

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WENN wrote:Sizemore Insists He Was Arrested In Error

Actor Tom Sizemore is protesting his innocence after he was arrested on an outstanding battery warrant, insisting he's done nothing wrong. The Saving Private Ryan star received a visit from Los Angeles police in the early hours of Tuesday after an acquaintance reportedly stole a car and claimed he was living at Sizemore's apartment. But when cops ran a check on the actor's driving licence, they discovered Sizemore was a wanted man for a 2009 misdemeanour for spousal battery and he was taken into custody too. However, the actor, who was held on $26,000 (£17,330) bail, believes he was arrested in error - because he's already paid his dues for his prior troubles. He tells there must have been a clerical mistake in court because the hours he completed as part of his community service sentence have yet to be officially logged, causing his name to come up on authorities' 'wanted' list.
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Looks like Tommy's coming back with a true prestige project:
Yes, we’re scratching our heads over this one too.

Variety is reporting that production has started on “Raging Bull II,” an upcoming sequel/prequel hybrid that has nothing to do with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro or the original film.

Instead, relative unknown Martin Guigui is directing the movie off a script he cowrote with Rustam Branaman. William Forsythe will star as an older Jake LaMotta, while newcomer Mojean Aria will play him as a younger man. De Niro famously portrayed LaMotta in the first “Raging Bull.” The project also stars Joe Mantegna, Tom Sizemore, Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Alicia Witt, Ray Wise, Harry Hamlin, Bill Bellamy and James Russo as Rocky Graziano.

Somehow this film — which we’d mark as about as unnecessary a sequel/prequel as there ever was — has stayed off our radar since its inception. Martin Scorsese doesn’t even know what “Raging Bull 2″ could be about either, so we don’t feel so bad being a bit confused. ... production
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TC wrote:what the fuck???
Sizemore's in it. How can it go wrong? And it's got the Lynchian touch of Ray Wise and Alicia Witt, so, you know, SOLD!
"I'm like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do if I caught one. . . . I'm not a schemer. I just do things."

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"Jake LaMotta is still down on his luck, his stage career in the toilet, his boxing days long behind him. He drifts aimlessly from town to town, engaging in street fights for money to stay alive. After a particularly brutal fight in Florida, he passes out cold. The cops show up and wanting to hide any evidence, the crooked fight organizers toss him in a metal container in the back of a nearby van. Little did they know that van was bound for cape canaveral and the container is a top secret space probe. After workers load the probe with Jake still in it onto a rocket, it's launched into space. Jake awakens to find himself out of this world! Fortunately the probe is picked up by an alien race who find Jake and take him to their planet. There he meets the three breasted alien princess Vickaptor whom he immediately falls for. After an intimate night together, Jake is smitten, but when he sees her talking to another alien, he becomes enraged and beats them both to near death. Little did he know they're both alien royalty and now the aliens are out for revenge. They plan to invade Earth, but Jake discovers a forgotten law in their culture that allows for a champion from each race to engage in a fight to the death to determine the outcome of the war. Now Jake has to muster up all his rage and become a contender to save human civilization itself!
Raging Bull II: Rage in Space! This time, it's intergalactic!"
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THR wrote:MGM Demands Stop to 'Raging Bull' Sequel in Lawsuit
Former boxing champion Jake LaMotta allegedly breached contract by selling rights to his follow-up without offering them to the studio.

MGM Studios is suing over sequel rights to Raging Bull.

On Tuesday, the studio filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court against Jake LaMotta, the 90-year-old former boxing champion whose life was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the 1980 Martin Scorsese-directed classic, as well as RBII Production, which is said to be nearing completion of principal photography of a low-budget Raging Bull sequel.

According to the complaint, the sequel is based on a 1986 book co-written by LaMotta.

MGM claims that under an original agreement in 1976 to acquire rights to LaMotta's first autobiography, LaMotta and co-writer Peter Savage were contractually obligated to present terms and conditions on which they would sell rights to any sequel.

The lawsuit says that LaMotta and Savage only had the right to sell the sequel to another company if Chartoff-Winkler Productions, an entity acquired by MGM, didn't accept the offer, and even then, only for terms no less favorable than what had been offered to MGM.

MGM says that LaMotta didn't comply, and now after selling rights to Raging Bull II: Continuing the Story of Jake LaMotta, the sequel is nearly complete despite MGM's demands that they desist from producing the film. According to IMDb, Raging Bull 2 is scheduled to come out next year and star William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna and Paul Sorvino.

LaMotta reportedly is not happy about the development.

“How can you fight a company that big?” he told the New York Post, adding, “All of these business things, I don’t bother with it because I’m not capable, physically or mentally, because I don’t hear so good.”

LaMotta might not feel in shape to do battle, but Raging Bull rights have been in dispute for several years, even before MGM's latest strike Tuesday.

The heir of Peter Savage (a pseudonym for Peter Patrella) has been attempting to grab back the copyright on Raging Bull, arguing that the rights reverted after the original term expired.

In 2009, Patrella's daughter filed a lawsuit against MGM and 20th Century Fox that sought a declaration of ownership as well as $1 million in copyright infringement damages.

A judge dismissed the lawsuit because the plaintiff had waited too long to bring the case, and now the dispute is on appeal before the 9th Circuit.

MGM believes its contractual hold over the Raging Bull property is still operative and is now alleging breach of contract, tortious interference and unfair competition. MGM demands a rescission of the agreement by which LaMotta granted rights to Raging Bull II, monetary damages and a preliminary and permanent injunction against distribution and promotion of the sequel.

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LAPD arrests man for alleged assault on actor Tom Sizemore
March 15, 2013 | 1:15 pm

A man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted Tom Sizemore in the actor's downtown apartment and made off with expensive guitars and other property, Los Angeles police said Friday.

The incident was reported around 9 p.m. Thursday in the actor's residence in the 400 block of S. Main Street. According to police, the actor was involved with a woman whose boyfriend came looking for Sizemore, who starred in the critically acclaimed films “Saving Private Ryan,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Black Hawk Down.”

The man, who was not immediately identified, pretended he had a gun and threatened the woman and the actor, whom he allegedly put in a headlock in a bathroom before taking off with guitars and other property, according to police.

LAPD officers eventually found the suspect, who was booked on suspicion of assault, and recovered Sizemore's property.

Known for his tough-guy roles, Sizemore has usually been the subject of law enforcement investigations rather than a victim.
In August 2003 he was convicted of misdemeanor charges of physically abusing and harassing his ex-girlfriend, the former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.

Sizemore failed a court-ordered drug test In February 2005 after he was caught trying to defeat a urine test and was ordered into drug rehabilitation for two years.

In June 2007, after he was arrested outside a Bakersfield hotel on a charge of possession of methamphetamine, Sizemore was sentenced to 16 months in prison for violating probation that stemmed from a January 2006 drug possession charge. ... emore.html
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Could this be the final, triumphant chapter? ... 11258.html
"By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There," (Atria Books), by Tom Sizemore, with Anna David

The cover photo of Tom Sizemore's autobiography, "By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There," is a perfect introduction for what's to come.

The 51-year-old actor stands looking up at the camera, instantly recognizable because of his work portraying tough-guy characters in such memorable 1990s films as "Saving Private Ryan," ''Heat" and "Natural Born Killers."

His face, though, looks worn, and his eyes are those of a man who's been to hell and back.

And that's exactly what his book details — Sizemore's ascent to the height of cinema, working for the Steven Spielbergs and with the Robert De Niros of the world — and his drug-fueled descent that left him imprisoned and out of options.
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A newly sober Tom reflects upon his wayward years...well, sorta.
Confronted with a bombshell video showing him getting high on hardcore drugs and making offensive racial remarks, long troubled actor Tom Sizemore decided to take a drug test on Tuesday morning – and he claims to that he passed.

The 52-year-old star of “Saving Private Ryan” – who was supposedly clean since 2010 when he went on on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew” – submitted to a urine test on the advice of pals.

“I called Tom this morning and told him we need to go and get a drug test right away, his attorney suggested it,” his manager, Charles Lago, told Radar.

“He took a supervised urine test in Dr. Paula Schoen’s office and she told us that the initial test came back negative.

“The urine will now be sent to a lab and in four hours I will have the definitive results then. If it comes back doubtful they will send it back again and those results take three days.”

But here’s the problem for Sizemore: The video was shot in late 2013 and the urine test has a VERY small window of detection, meaning even if he passed a test today, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t do heroin and crystal methamphetamine late in 2013, as was reported.

Cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates and PCP are rapidly excreted from the body and usually undetectable in urine 48 to 72 hours after use. Chronic marijuana use may remain in the body longer.

Plus, video footage doesn’t lie.

What’s more, there’s another issue for Sizemore – Radar has learned of the existence of a SECOND video, shot within the last few weeks, showing Sizemore doing more illegal drugs.

In the original video obtained by the National ENQUIRER and provided to, Sizemore – who has battled addiction since he was 15 – takes a potshot at Mexican men, saying he hates them because they all “stink, they’re hairy, they’re brown” and smell like “f*cking fertilizer.”

“They just f*cking try and tax you and f*cking beat your a* and kill ya,” he said.

As for the vile video littered with racist attacks, Sizemore’s rep said he and the actor were aware of its existence before it was published and claim they were subjected to a “shake down” attempt by a woman.

When the agent declined to pay the amount, he told that she ceased communication. There’s no record of any criminal charges being pressed against the supposed woman. ... -negative/
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Wouldn't it be worse if the test showed he wasn't on drugs meaning he was making racially offensive remarks just because he's a dick in general? I'd rather have the drugs to use as an excuse if it were me. "No, I'm not an asshole. I was high, really!"
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