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That is the SICKEST commercial I have ever seen. And I use "sick" in the cool teenager sense.

If anybody finds a higher-quality version, I'll be quite pleased. Judging by its exactly-two-minute length, it's bonafide.

Edit: did it myself.

"This is by far one of the most impressive commercials I have ever seen. It's all real, no trick photography, no digital editing, one shot all the way through. [...] Apparently, it took the producers 606 takes to get it right."

[edit - link dead - TC
TC wrote:as soon as baseball stops being homosexual, i will.

the original redneck neighbor site wrote:They say all good things come to an end. I hereby announce that the Redneck Neighbor page has been officially retired.

I have to give the neighbor credit. Since the page was started he has married and has a son. The best part is that it appears that the wife has made him clean up around the house. Most of the horrible projects no longer exist.

Thanks for all the emails,

fortuately for us, we have google and a kind soul that has mirrored the project. this, if you have not seen it, is an absolute must-see. and if you have seen it, nothing like laughing all over again....