Killers Of The Flower Moon


looks really good so far. although, if every character insists on pronouncing it "missour-uh", i will boycott this fucking movie. so irritating. though i guess some people do say it that way or it wouldn't be such an irritating thing, so accuracy i guess?

Re: Killers Of The Flower Moon

watched this over the weekend. if you thought it looked good, you'll like it. scorsese in pure slow-burn mode here. and, i never thought i'd say this, deniro in an understated performance. leo's performance is great, as you might expect. playing a clearly dumb guy without playing it dumb is tricky business, and he nails it deftly. some scenes with him and deniro are pretty amusing, as it looks like they're having some kind of frown-off. really, it's very well acted all around. great cast, etc. i liked it more than i thought i would. but, a couple things. first, it's really long, and it feels really long. oppenheimer was 30 min shorter, sure, but it felt half the length. this, at 3.5h long, feels longer than that. it took two attempts to get through it as i fell asleep the first time and had to pick it up the next day. the other thing - after all that length, marty still does some super weird radio play recap ending that comes out of nowhere. so we are fully invested in these people, then it just drops to some recap of the rest of their lives, where marty inserts himself very dramatically? weak sauce. did not love that. will have to watch again, but it is certainly top-tier film making on display.