Re: The Last Of Us [HBO]

yes it was in fact marilyn and graham green in that scene.

so i was waiting for this to be over so i could binge it, which we did over the last three evenings. overall, i'd say believe the hype - the show is legit good. a few things that were completely unnecessary, but generally very well-written. also note - i did not finish the game. i played several hours of it but stopped playing it for whatever reason (was a long time ago, i don't remember), so I can't really comment on how closely they stuck to the game. but from what i read, they really kind of did for the most part. a few things changed, a few things added, etc. i was really digging it but goddamn that ending...
such a massive, massive turn from joel very quickly. i really liked him and related to him most of the show, then all of a sudden he becomes hyper-selfish, lies to ellie about many major things, and sticks to that story, all - again - for entirely selfish reasons. that felt completely out of left field and antithetical to the character they spent the previous 8.5 episodes building. i have to assume that's how the game ends, given it's so fucking weird that i don't know why the writers would have made this one thing up (and been allowed to, given how involved the creator was). but damn, so dumb, shitty, and generally awful of him to do. i mean the lying about it part - i get actually doing what he did. but not just telling ellie and letting her make her own decisions about it was baffling.

i know there is already a second season coming, but i assume it will be 1.5-2 years from now by the time we see it, so not sure what that looks like. have to assume a massive time jump, because ellie will certainly look different 2 years after filming this season. again, didn't play the second game at all so don't know the story.