Re: Men [Garland, 2022]

this finally hit streaming so watched it yesterday. it's yet another movie that demands the viewer do some homework after it ends to research what the hell they just watched. something like Killing Of A Sacred Deer, Enemy, mother!, etc. while probably fun for the filmmaker, i find it sort of pretentious and annoying. still, was loving this movie, up until the ending, which kind of blew the whole thing up. i started looking into online interpretations then just decided i don't care. it is what it is. which, even on the surface, is a tense, good film, mostly. seems like an extremely weird thing to make after Ex Machina and Annihilation, though. like, he just wanted to do something for him. also, what the hell happened to alex garland as a child to make his view of women as just beings to endure torture? i'll continue following garland, but out of the three, this is very clearly #3. if we include the fantastic Devs, this slides to #4. also, more of a general comment, A24 is in very real danger of getting lost up their own ass, if that hasn't already happened.