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klimov wrote: 03/10/22, 06:10:22 Funny how every album I used to listen to as a kid is getting it's 30th anniversary about now.
I was just thinking the same thing. I have the L7 Bricks Are Heavy and Cure's Wish 30th anniversary vinyls on order for this month alone. Where they hell did the time go?
Just cut them up like regular chickens

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Bad news for anyone ordering the Motörhead Iron Fist 40th anniversary vinyl box set - first one I got had LP2 and 2 copies of LP3, zero copies of LP1. Requested a replacement from Amazon, which has the same issue. Just returning them both at this point since there is no way to communicate with anyone at Amazon about the actual issue to find out if there is a replacement platter coming for LP1. I also tweeted at and emailed BMG who was non-responsive. So, no way to actually fix this I guess. I gave up.

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My son has been really into Metallica lately, especially after watching the latest season of Stranger Things. He takes drum lessons at School of Rock, so I've been trying to introduce him to more metal drummers. I decided it was time, so I played "Raining Blood" for him the other day. My wife was not happy that I was introducing him to Slayer, but he's in high school now... I put a few songs from them on his mp3 player, but avoided the ones with more explicit lyrics for now.

In other music:

I got to see King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at Red Rocks, and they did not disappoint. They put out 3 more albums recently, so I've been playing those.

I'm excited that Gloryhammer is back in the studio right now and will have a new album out next year! This will be their first with their new singer.

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when you say "really into metallica", what era? and what slayer songs? and what did he think of them? how long has he been playing? does he enjoy drums?

i've never met anyone that likes gloryhammer, that's funny. we played with them in KC a couple years ago and it was sold out. they have a huge following. i don't get it, but people enjoyed it, staying through a broken AC and probably 120 degrees inside. i felt bad for the guys in all the costumes on stage, but then again, they were dicks, so i chuckled internally.

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Right now Ride the Lightning is his favorite Metallica album. But I haven't given him anything after the Black album on his mp3 player. I can't remember which Slayer songs I put on there, but I started with about 4-5 songs. I think they were all from Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, and Seasons in the Abyss. I was going over the lyrics for different songs before copying them, and many great songs were eliminated for now.

He started playing percussion in band at school in 5th grade, and he was in marching band for the first time this year (9th grade). He's playing in the Wind Ensemble for the winter too. For marching band he was in the front ensemble and played the xylophone, glockenspiel, huge bass drum, and the gong(!) so he was quite busy. We started him on lessons at School of Rock a little over a year ago so he could learn to play on a kit. He seems pretty good, but we can never convince him to practice.

At Thanksgiving we were at my in-laws, and my MIL was putting away some wine glasses and rang one to show that it was crystal, not glass. I asked my son what note it was, and thought for a second and said it was an E. I used an FFT app on my phone to check the frequency, and sure enough, it was just slightly above E6. So he's learning something in band.

That's wild that you played at a show with Gloryhammer. The first time we saw them was the Oriental Theatre in Denver when they opened for Alestorm, and it was so hot that I thought I was gonna pass out. My wife and I really dig their blend of cheesy power metal with over-the-top lyrics. It's really the only power metal I listen to. Most of it is ridiculous without being self-aware and fun.

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it's good news that ride the lightning is his favorite metallica. that shows some "metal intelligence" on his part. sucks that he isn't into practicing. my unsolicited advice - if he's remotely into drums, stick with marching band. he can eventually get out of the pit and on a line, and the skills they drill apply to the kit seamlessly. there is no substitute for that level of drilling. it was the most influential era on my skills development.

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My son had a band concert last night and played 3 pieces with Symphonic Band and 1 with the Percussion Ensemble. Tomorrow night he has another one playing percussion with the Symphonic Winds. They are keeping him busy. Last night he played 3 different instruments, but all mallets. Years ago he started with playing piano, so he's good at reading music and playing things like the xylophone. There was a page in the show program that said they are going to make marching band a class next year, instead of just after school, and they are going to play in the parade at Disney World in 2024, so that's a cool opportunity.

He's on the left in this picture:
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got to see Zebra two nights ago. they are touring for the 40th anniversary of the first album and play it front to back in their set, along with a ton of later stuff. i expected they would lower the register so those high notes weren't so high, or at least he'd sing the vocal melody lower similar to how rush did on those last tours, but no - Randy hit every fucking note. he wasn't "finding" the note, he nailed them. yes, a little more falsetto and a little less power, but still nailed. i was blown away. they also played "Stairway To Heaven" in the set, which was a fantastic treat (even though Guy is no John Bonham). they played for 2 hours. if they come to your town, i highly recommend going, even if you don't know all the songs. i mean, "Tell Me What You Want" and "Who's Behind The Door" are worth the price of admission alone. i don't go deep with them and didn't know a lot of songs, but loved it.