Re: NOPE [Peele, 2022]

Finally saw this last night. While I stand by the fact that the title is fucking stupid, I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Very interesting approach to ETs. Without the Gordy background story and Jupe side story, would have made for a very long Twilight Zone-esque episode. While I have no idea why the Gordy/Jupe story was at all necessary, it was probably my favorite part of the film, as disturbing and disconnected as it was. While I don’t think anyone would accuse this of being “good”, it was certainly interesting. I have no idea what happened to Antlers, or
why the fuck he decided to commit suicide by offering himself to the alien as food, I guess? I saw that he was clearly meant to be a jaded old fuck, and there was some shot of him taking some pills, but this was ridiculous. Also, did he get the shot? That was unclear. Why would the camera at the bottom of the well be able to focus on something at that altitude? Even so, why would it have film and shudder speeds fast enough to capture it? So all the news outlets were just stationed up outside Jupe’s ranch with non-functional cars, cell phones, cameras, etc., and sitting there waiting for something to happen? Jupe sending his kids - dressed as aliens for some reason - to trespass and fuck with his neighbor was also ridiculous.

So yeah, lots of questions/issues. But like I said, it was interesting. The Gordy story was supremely fucked up and absolutely the best part of the film. And again, I have no idea why it was necessary to include. It has nothing to do with anything.