Re: Linynstening to lately

klimov wrote: 03/10/22, 06:10:22 Funny how every album I used to listen to as a kid is getting it's 30th anniversary about now.
I was just thinking the same thing. I have the L7 Bricks Are Heavy and Cure's Wish 30th anniversary vinyls on order for this month alone. Where they hell did the time go?
Just cut them up like regular chickens

Re: Listening to lately

Bad news for anyone ordering the Motörhead Iron Fist 40th anniversary vinyl box set - first one I got had LP2 and 2 copies of LP3, zero copies of LP1. Requested a replacement from Amazon, which has the same issue. Just returning them both at this point since there is no way to communicate with anyone at Amazon about the actual issue to find out if there is a replacement platter coming for LP1. I also tweeted at and emailed BMG who was non-responsive. So, no way to actually fix this I guess. I gave up.