Predator re-reboot [201x]

no i'm not kidding:
BAD wrote:Shane Black Is Rebooting PREDATOR
And his pal Fred Dekker is writing the script.

If you're going to get stuck in a reboot circle jerk you should get stuck in a reboot circle jerk with a guy who really knows how to jerk you off.

I can't believe I started this story with that sentence. I think Google will display that sentence when this article comes up in searches.

Where was I? Rebooting Predator is one of those decisions that feels obvious and boring.. until you hear that Shane Black is directing and that he's writing a treatment that his old buddy Fred Dekker will turn into a complete script. It's like putting a pair of Bad Idea Jeans on somebody who only has good ideas.

Predator fans will know that Shane Black is actually in Predator, as one of Arnie's squad members, and that he has the best joke in the movie ("Jeez you gotta big pussy... Jeez you gotta big pussy"). The producers wanted Black to do a polish on the movie, and they enticed him onto set by giving him the role.

Black and Dekker (!!!) went to UCLA together and Black wrote the script for Dekker's Monster Squad. Dekker is one of the most underrated directors of the 80s, although it's possible that he's underrated simply because his canon is so small. He's also a great writer, and having him on Predator means we're looking at a movie that will likely have a sense of structure, characters and humor. And if the timing works out we'll probably get it just in time for the 30th anniversary of the original film. Get your listicles ready.

Black has other projects simmering, including a new version of the pulp character Doc Savage, but I imagine that this is going to be his number one priority at the moment.

The biggest thing to ponder about a Shane Black directed Predator: does this mean we're getting a Christmas in the jungle movie?
black's involvement is nothing more than a novelty unless he pulls this off, then it's a great story.

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DH wrote:Next "Predator" To Reinvent Franchise

It has been quite some time since there has been any movement on a new "Predator" movie. At last report "Iron Man 3" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" writer/director Shane Black, who funnily enough had a small role in the original film, was attached to helm the project which would boast a screenplay he was writing with his old "Monster Squad" co-writer Fred Dekker.

At the time it was reported to be a reboot of the franchise. However, a new interview at the Television Critics Association this week with producer John Davis has revealed that it will instead be an "inventive sequel" that will make use of the mythology of the franchise.

Davis, talking up his new NBC series "The Player," confirms to Collider that the new "Predator" is still very much happening and discussed why Black's take on it is getting him excited:

"Shane shot a movie and he's doing a pilot now, but I've read a lot of his script and I think it's genius. I think it's genius and I think it's entertaining, and what it did is recreate a famous franchise in a different, interesting way; looking at it from a different light.

He's just an amazing writer-director. He's got a way of looking at this that makes you excited again. I love this franchise. It was the first movie I ever did. I remember in being in the jungle with Arnold [Schwarzenegger] as a 28-year-old and going, 'This is a fun business!'... Shane's amazing. He's an amazing storyteller."

Shane's got a writing partner, Fred Dekker. They've been doing it together and Fred's great. The two of them together, they've been in the business for a long time, but the writing is so fresh, the perspective is so fresh. I'm telling you you're going to get something you don't expect and you're going to say, 'This is the most entertaining way to reinvent a franchise.'"

Black recently wrapped directing the 1970s-set noir film "The Nice Guys" starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. That film is slated for release next June, and it's unclear yet if the new "Predator" will be Black's next film as he's also attached to both a "Doc Savage" movie and "The Destroyer" at Sony.

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Prey - watched this over the weekend and quite enjoyed it. Finally another worthy entry in the predator series. Only thing i really didn’t like about it was the look of the predator. His face just looks ridiculous. It’s cartoony. Big bug eyes, long skull, just doesn’t look right at all. Thankfully there isn’t too much of it. Like, if you’re on some kind of budget and can’t afford to animate the predator properly, it’s already well-established he wears a mask most of the time. Just fucking stick with that. So i knocked a whole star off for the look of the titular beast and another half for a few parts of slowness. But in general, it’s a great idea, executed pretty well. Recommend checking it out.