Updating soon

hey all, will be updating this forum soonish, hopefully later next week. regardless, there will be a time when you come here and the board is disabled and/or non-existent during the upgrade, as it's a major upgrade. but i will be backing up all the content and such, we won't be losing anything - except for the grey style. that's gone. will do some customization but probably nothing like this, given it's just like four of us left here. anyway, if you come here and the board is not available, just try back later. hit me up on fb if it doesn't come back in a reasonable time.

Re: Updating soon

It's only if when you try to turn up after the upgrade and find the site down that'll be because of my plan to shut down the internet.

You may also find some connectivity issues with a few other sites, apologies about that.

Edit: I have no recollection of making this post, what. Don't do double-double nightshifts kids. Getting blackout drunk is safer.

Re: Updating soon

ok, upgrade is done. it's not complete complete, still tweaking some things (like "recent posts" isn't exactly working right), but figured i'd get you all back in here to tell me if stuff is working or not. lmk if things aren't operating properly, you can't see things you used to, etc. main issue that kept us down for a couple days was permissions based, and it took a while to sort that out, so again please do let me know if you can't see/post/reply/etc. anywhere.

also, a couple things:
1) you will probably want to re-upload your avatars if they look like shit. size was changed and they need to be re-parsed.
2) you'll notice the youtube tag is gone. this is because now, in order to post ANY media, be it twitter, youtube, etc., and have it embed, all you have to do is post the link, nothing more. makes it super easy going forward. however, all existing posts that used the youtube tag don't get automagically updated. if we pull up an old topic, i'll go through and manually remove the youtube tags so things update, but all new posts will (should) work fine.
3) i combined the interface, sci/tech, and sports into one forum. the latter two weren't really used very much so no need for them to take up vertical space.
4) this site should now play very nicely with your mobile devices, if you want to use them here, btw. :)