Best of 2020

One good thing I'll say about 2020, it's been a great year for new music. Or maybe I just had more time on my hands to find it this year.

Too many great songs to list here so here's my best of 2020 Spotify playlist:

Albums in no real order:
The Birdwatcher's Guide to Atrocity - Seeming
Monster - Seeming
Monsters - Empathy Test
Spider on the Wall - Clan of Xymox
2077 - Faderhead
The Spell Between - Caroline Blind
Here Lies - Astari Nite
Commermorate - Witch of the Vale
We're Not Here - Kiss of the Whip
Pain is God - Pig
Ex Rosa Ceremonia - Pulchra Morte
Electronic Saviors Volume VI - Various
Vicious Pastimes - House of Harm
Tiny Missing Fragments - Diorama
Second Seduction - Panic Priest
Mourn - Assemblage 23
Whom the Gods Wish to Ruin, They First Drive Mad - Red Lokust
World On Fire - Blue Eyed Christ
Signs of Evolution - N-Frequency
Just cut them up like regular chickens

Re: Best of 2020

Top ten albums of 2020:
1. Anaal Nathrakh - Endarkenment
2. Dawn of Solace - Waves
3. Kvaen - The Funeral Pyre
4. Rope Sect - The Great Flood
5. Paradise Lost - Obsidian
6. Draconian - Under a Godless Veil
7. Vengeance by Proxy - Vengeance by Proxy
8. Slow Fall - Beneath the Endless Rains
9. Ett Dödens Maskineri - Det Svenska Hatet
10. Video Nasties - Dominion

Haven't finished my songs list yet but it's on the way...

Re: Best of 2020

I’ll put together a proper list but just off the top of my head, there was new music from Lustmord, Shinjuku Thief, Voivod, Tau Cross that was all good.

thanks for the props mike! maybe one day our music will make it to Sweden... ;)