Earbuds (or headphones)

Anyone got any product recommendations? I'm willing to spend up to $100 (thanks to office holiday gift). Looking for good audio quality, minimal leakage, secure fit. Comfort, too, would be nice.
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Re: Earbuds (or headphones)

for something that's a good all-around headphone, i've been using monster's iSport for the last few years. i can wear them drumming (lots of sweat) or on a plane and they sound good. lots of different earpieces come with them for all sizes. i found out with these that one ear has a smaller opening than the other. these work with that :) they are right at the $100 mark and have lasted much longer than the few $70-ish headphones i had before this. they have a flat cable to prevent tangling, too.

edit: i just looked and it looks like they have changed the style quite a bit, so i can't vouch for the current model, but i can say that it looks like you can get a pair for $40 right now at amazon: