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if you notice some goofy things going on with inline images over the next little while, do not be alarmed. we are trying our best to figure out why certain images do not display inline.

we are aware that some settings we're messing with gives you scrollbars within a post. this is not our desired outcome and it will not stay this way.

other odd behavior that may not be the same the next time you visit should be expected until we work this out.

thanks for your patience,

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This, my friend, is good to know.

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Re: Inline images

It's all working, thanks! You just made it in under the deadline. I promised myself if it wasn't fixed in two years I was going to ask for my money back. :D
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Re: Inline images

big d note wrote:I'm still seeing these scrollbars, using Firefox 4.0.1. I deleted all my cookies. What else should I wipe?
Your browser cache. And remember to always wipe front to back.
Just cut them up like regular chickens