Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends who still visit here. Hope you all are staying healthy and able to spend time with family.

My mom went to TX to spend time this year with her oldest son and his fam so this year, just me, my wife, and my boys. Even their girlfriends are either working or with their fam. So just a chill day enjoying time together while they’re both still close by. Right now, cooking and enjoying the annual tradition of MST3K marathon (even though these days there is a 24/7/365 MST3K channel, it just feels right).

I appreciate all of you. I’ve “known” most of you for nearly 25 years at this point, yet only actually met two of you in person, one of which no longer visits here as he seems very busy with his own thing and FB. One of the first things I did when I got online was look up David Lynch stuff, which lead me to Mike’s site and all of you. So you are literally the people I’ve known the longest online. While people have moved on to social media sites, which I get, I will always keep this site up and running. As we’re seeing, lots of people - me included - have had it with social media. Real friendships are something else. So maybe one day people will want to find another way to interact that’s less volatile and derisive. What’s old is new again. That gum you like is going to come back in style.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans as well. I didn't really do anything other than eat a nice dinner and actually sit down and watch a couple of movies. I finally broke out my 4k disc of Howard the Duck since it's too cold to go out to the mailbox and get my 4k Citizen Kane. Close enough I figured.

Yeah, I've been kind of pulling back from FB as well now too. I spend more time on instagram and tictok now when it comes to social media, the latter of which at least allows some creativity. It'll be interesting to see if webboards become a thing again. Of course if they do they'll probably be political echo chambers sadly.
Just cut them up like regular chickens

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

darkness wrote: 26/11/21, 01:45:26 Of course if they do they'll probably be political echo chambers sadly.
Of course. Most of the ones that have survived are exactly that. But at least i can guarantee you that that won’t happen here. No politics.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy turkey day you ungrateful colonials. :toot:

And yeah, I'm very, very done with Facebook. Can't believe it's near 20 years since even we met though. Still keep in touch with one or two from the phpBB days actually.

Next time I get to go over to the US to see the fam, I'll see about adding another layover to the itinerary for a bit. :cheers:

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

My wife and I went all over Scotland in 2019 and it was great. Definitely recommend.

I just relaxed on Thanksgiving, ate turkey, read some more Dune (almost to the end of the first book). It will be interesting to see how some of this gets translated to the screen.

I've managed to purge almost all politics from my Facebook feed by aggressively blocking hundreds of Pages that people share crap from, so it's pretty well pruned down to just friends and bands that I follow on there. Plus ads. Always ads.