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Watching Elseworlds right now. Yes I’m a year behind. But this is hilarious. Love the flash to the Kent farm with the Smallville theme song. Great. But I guess Tom Welling was busy?

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TC wrote:Watching Elseworlds right now. Yes I’m a year behind. But this is hilarious. Love the flash to the Kent farm with the Smallville theme song. Great. But I guess Tom Welling was busy?
Patience grasshopper. You will be rewarded when you catch up.
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merged all the arrowverse show threads.

well, all this time off has given me plenty of time to get caught up (except for last night's shows).

crisis was pretty cool. i hated seeing them truly kill off oliver, but they did it. it's been so long since i read the books (when they first came out) that i don't really remember how it resolved. amusing how much the arcs of marvel's arrow guy and DC's arrow guy parallel. seems like people forget how much they really copied each other back in the day. i always loved green arrow, and while the show arrow has gotten extremely serious and plodded along for a season or two, it felt like things were coming back together a bit. i'm really amazed that they were able to get the two timelines to finally meet. that was the most confusing thing they had done - having multiple timelines in each episode, with no discernible link or shared motivation (other than they are the main timeline's children). but, pull them together they did. after the events of crisis, the final couple episodes of arrow were extremely anticlimactic, and man did that happy ending feel beyond forced. overall, looking back on this show, it was ultimately successful in what it was trying to do. they pushed how far comic book TV shows could take violence, and proved that DC could do things right if they just let smart people run shows. of the comic book shows i've watched beginning to end, i would say i enjoyed this probably more than smallville, but smallville is a faded memory now.

speaking of which, holy shit was that smallville segment of crisis great. man i loved that. but john cryer is bad. like, really, really bad. i wish rosenbaum would have returned for the role. and on the subject of cameos, i haven't watched (and won't) any of the batwoman show, but that batman segment in crisis was pretty cool. older, broken wayne. not a great wayne, but a good part of a familiar story. and really, batwoman herself was fine. but can she carry a show? shrug.

the flash... well, i'm still watching, but man has this show gone all the way up its own ass. it takes itself so seriously now. i mean, even ralph has become serious. there are parts that are amusing, but the overarching storylines leading up to and now beyond crisis seem like they are trying to take the mantle of seriousness from arrow. even cisco. and really, every character is completely two dimensional, like a D&D player sheet. you know exactly what anyone will do or say in any given situation. it has always had some of that, but i hope they can get their mojo back. and yeah, the flash from the DC movies showing up screamed of desperation. but, the "hall of justice" ending to crisis was fucking awesome. i loved that. except for the end... holy fuck, gleek? really? of all the characters from the original TV show, you bring back that one? he's the worst and will always either look like shit or eat most of your budget. i mean, i didn't expect apache chief, but fuck gleek.

legends of tomorrow... this season is... fine? some parts are cool, but they used to be far and away the best of the three. now it's yet another show that has gone way up its own ass. when they were having fun in S3, that was peak show to me. i was belly laughing every episode. they weren't taking themselves too seriously, and every episode was absurd. now, man... i don't know. it's still on the edge, hasn't passed the point of no return yet, so maybe they recover the "swinging dick" energy but they are floundering a bit. now that it's down to 2 shows i watch, it's still the better show, but just not what it was.

and that's my review of the last year or so of arrowverse shows.

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welp, elongated man is done: ... ce-1297483

"The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton would never stop complaining about me."
"Enjoyed a secret boob viewing at an audition today."
"Date rape myself so I don't have to masturbate."

these joke tweets, made way before he was on the show, got him canceled. ridiculous. i don't give a shit about the character really, but holy shit come on.

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The most shocking thing in that article is that there's going to be yet another Law and Order spin off. What's left, "Law and Order: Meter Maid Squad?"
I guess he can join Batwoman now at the don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out party.
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DH wrote:“The Flash” Showrunner Talks Sawyer’s Exit

Not long ago actor Hartley Sawyer was fired from the DC Comics TV series “The Flash” following some racist and misogynistic tweets from his past resurfacing.

It was a pretty clean exit too, both showrunner Eric Wallace and star Grant Gustin issued damning statements about those comments which indicates Sawyer, a regular for the fourth through sixth seasons of The CW series, won’t be coming back even in a guest starring capacity.

Speaking with EW, Wallace has now explained the character’s absence from the show, with comments seeming to suggest that while Sawyer may be gone, his Ralph Dibney/Elongated Man character could well return:

“[We’re] going to treat it like we would if we were writing a comic book graphic novel. We’re giving the Elongated Man a bit of a rest for while. But we will leave the door open. I’m not saying by any means that it’s the end of the character. In fact, quite the opposite. We just don’t know when he will return, or in what form he will return.”

So he’s being shelved for the near future. The character’s meta-human powers means he can change his appearance and so switching out another actor will be done in order to quickly wrap up his storyline for now:

“Ralph is a guy who can change faces and his appearance in many ways. Without giving any spoilers away, there are a couple of ways that we can have Elongated Man still appear in at least one episode this season to wrap that storyline up, that gets us what we need and still allows fans to say goodbye to the character, at least for the indefinite future.”

Natalie Dreyfuss’ Sue Dearborn character isn’t being cut as a result of the exit, the character will return “more than once this year, even without the Elongated Man”.

The CW released the first trailer for the upcoming seventh season at DC Fandome over the weekend. Sadly its not very revealing as it likely consists entirely of scenes from the 20th episode of the sixth season. That episode was 90% complete with one day of filming left when production shut down.

The last two episodes for the season were abandoned and story elements have been retooled to serve as the start of the show’s seventh season which begins filming imminently in Vancouver ahead of a January 2021 launch.
"racist and misogynistic". right. see the three lines above. they weren't either of those things. but, whatever. he won't be back on CW, ever.

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Not really a huge fan of Elongated Man and Flash is probably my least favorite of the DC CW shows, so no really loss to me. Looking up the tweets that caused his firing, the ones listed above are actually some of the least offensive ones. So yeah, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

On another Arrowverse note, Stargirl is moving exclusively to CW next year. I know on the surface that sounds like a show that would only appeal to the tween/teen set, but that show gets pretty dark at times. I highly recommend it. Probably my favorite of the CW shows behind Legends.
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TC wrote:what do you mean "exclusively"? where is it now?
The first season was on DC Universe, with a cut down version edited to allow commercials airing on the CW a day later. Starting next season it will only be on the CW, as DC Universe is pretty much dead.
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TC wrote:that explains why i have never heard of it or seen it.
Technically if you watched the Crisis crossover in the Arrowverse you have seen it briefly, as a clip was used when Oliver was re-establishing the multiverse in the final episode. Stargirl was on Earth 2.
DC Universe had some not too bad stuff. Doom Patrol is pretty good as well. It's on HBOMax now.
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i'm behind on the current season of shows, which for me is just the flash and legends. last flash i watched was 7.12, and i just finished season 6 of legends, so i'm only 4 episodes behind as of last night. s6 of legends was beyond odd and not as fun/whimsical as has been in prior seasons, but was still enjoyable and had fun parts. i just don't know how much longer it can go on, it's feeling tired. they need another completely nonsensical season, like the one with bebo. was that s3? shrug. it's still fun and still doesn't take itself too seriously, like the flash still (very much) does. i will get caught up on the flash but certainly not before s8 starts in two weeks, barring anything odd happening in my life. but i am still sticking with them.

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I'm caught up with Batwoman, which is honestly the only one I'm really into anymore. I'm probably about 10 episodes behind on Supergirl, though I suppose I should catch up just because it's the end of the series. I feel like that show never really re-covered from the changes made to it post-crisis. Flash I pretty much lost interest in a few seasons ago, though I suppose I'll catch up eventually. I think I only watched the first few episodes of the last season. Legends I used to love, but for some reason haven't bothered watching lately. I don't have a lot of time for tv period these days, so it's hard to keep up. It's probably a good thing they're pruning some of the Arrowverse now and bringing down the number of shows.
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ok, i finished the prior season of the flash, so i'm only one episode behind, but it looks like the first 5 of this season are all linked, so i'll probably wait on them. i watched the first two of legends' latest season, which so far is more fun than last season. flash, i knew they couldn't keep cisco gone. it's also weird how they keep bringing up ralph. you're the ones that fired him over fucking tweets, you shouldn't get to keep bringing up his character. just move on, like you made all of us do. and man was that s7 ending sappy, goofy, and shoehorned. show has to be ending soon, right? while it was good to see diggle for a minute, and happy to have cisco back for a minute, this show just can't hold the overly-dour and serious mantle of arrow while maintaining the more fun side of the early seasons. you can't blend the tones of the shows. it just doesn't work for me. but i'm so invested that i'll continue at this point.

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I've kind of given up caring about any of the Arrowverse shows now. Even Legends which I really liked I haven't bothered watching. I think I have Arrowverse fatigue. I was kind of keeping up with Batwoman because I liked the character of Allice, but they kind of neutered her this season so even that lost my interest. I suppose I'll catch up eventually. The Flash is the one I give the least fucks about. I never even finished last season.
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