Looking for a new TV

Not really liking my four year old LG 42" anymore and am therefore looking for something new.

I'm kinda into the whole Smart TV-thing that most manufacturers seem to implement these days, but I have no idea how to separate the brands. I have it down to either a Samsung, an LG, a Panasonic or maybe a Toshiba. All LED TV:s as far as I'm concerned. Any suggestions?

Re: Looking for a new TV

_Marcus_ wrote:Lot's of people saying plasma is the way to go still, with smoother picture quality etc. Is that not a huge deal when it comes to LED LCD, you'd say?
The people saying that are behind on technology. A couple of years ago that was true. Most any LCD with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher will not have a problem with motion blur, and pretty much any one that is LED backlit will likely be of a higher refresh rate. If money is an issue than yeah, you might get a little more bang for the buck with the plasma. But if you are just looking for the best display, go with a good high refresh rate LED backlet LCD. You'll get a smooth, well lit picture.
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