Newbie mac user

Looks like I'll get my dads barely used Macbook Pro in a couple of days. Apparently OSX is too complicated...

Anyway, its been at least 15 years since I messed around with anything Mac-related and Im kinda lost as to what I should do/get set up first. Any suggestions?

Re: Newbie mac user

Sell it to an obsessed mac die-hard and use the money to buy two pcs. But if you do keep it, don't forget the nightly offering and blood sacrifice that must be made to Steve Jobs.
Just cut them up like regular chickens

Re: Newbie mac user

welcome to the world of loving computing again. best advice i can give you is ask questions of actual users (like me) and don't just install software right away - us it and only install things that serve an immediate purpose for you. use the mac app store when possible.