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Quotes And You

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Quotes And You

Postby Draesk on 22/10/06, 16:38:12

Quotes are a useful tool on this message board lark. It lets people know exactly who you are directing your response to. Subsequently, this means that you do not need to quote the entire history of the current conversation. It's still there in the posts above you, and it's not going anywhere.

We're not in the way of forcefully moderating much here, as we all like to keep it chilled, relaxed and as informal as possible. However, a few ground rules need be established, just to keep things going smoothly. As such, I'd like to impose a few little limits on quotes. Nothing major, but too many quotes do make the place look pretty awful.


  • Stick to having no more than 2 previous posts quoted in any post of your own
  • Do not quote images. At all. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Images are bigger than text and lend themselves to your attention already. If you are intending to comment on the image alone, then please either replace the [img] tags with [url] tags, or remove them alltogether.

Mucho gracias amigos.
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