Re: Listening to lately

haha nah, fortunately it was just Behemoth and Slipknot. I was just cosmically late in noticing big d's post about Godsmack up the page here, and Rammstein are the default comparison for over-the-top on-stage pyrotechnics. If you want a bad line-up though, I'd seen Stone Sour there before, and they were supported by... the Pretty Reckless. :snore:

Behemoth were fucking great tbh, totally flawless. Slipknot themselves put on a solid show (it was mostly older songs, which was great), but the mix and EQ was absolutely fucking dire. Never heard anything so bad at a gig in my life. Snare alone was overpowering absolutely everything on-stage, but you couldn't hear the cymbals at all. Guitars were a mush (bass was non-existent), with the only LF representation coming from the kick (which was also wildly overpowering). The repeater stacks were all only putting out HF too (I'd guestimate >2kHz). I've seen Slipknot at that venue without issue before, so they can't even claim unfamiliarity. It was mental.

Re: Listening to lately

Not me, but my son in this case. We got him an mp3 player for Christmas (how retro!). He's 13 and we don't want to get him a phone yet, but he likes listening to music on his headphones. I loaded a bunch of albums on it (PG-13 stuff - no Slayer yet) and handed it over to him without introducing any of the bands.

The other day he said, "I found a band on here that's really cool!" "Oh yeah, which one?" (I have no idea because I put a wide mix of stuff on there) "Mastery. They really rock." :thrash:

Personally I've been listening to a ton of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard lately. I also discovered the UK funk band Speedometer thanks to Pandora.