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Re: Stranger Things

Postby TC on 10/07/19, 08:34:41

finished S3 last night. i was pretty concerned with the first few episodes. again, verrrrry slow. but once it picked up, it was pretty great. a little more "horror" here. huge shout out to "the blob", maybe some "the thing" again, even "the terminator". i saw people saying they were upset with the ending, i don't get that. i thought the ending worked pretty well. lots of good in this season, but man, lots of dumb in this season too. way more dumb than in previous seasons. some of it is due to the fact that they pulled in even more characters. probably doubled the size of the cast of the main storylines. and we got an even younger kid now. you know what makes the "angry black woman" trope worse? her being 10. but, for the most part, pretty enjoyable. the humor was pretty great too.
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