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The House That Jack Built [von Trier]

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The House That Jack Built [von Trier]

Postby TC on 16/05/18, 09:20:01

typical von trier - new film premiers at cannes, lots of walk-outs in the public screening, very few in the press screening. some reviews praising it, some loathing it. we get to wait many months before we are able to judge for ourselves, but trailer looks interesting, if VERY spoiler-y (you've been warned):

beeb review - 4/5 stars: ... jack-built
spoiler-y review from vulture detailing the four most disturbing scenes (" people can decide if they want to see this"): ... trier.html

#2 sounds like the worst one to me. shrug.

poster is also weird:

i feel like it's absolutely trying to say something, i just can't be bothered to figure out what.
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