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Oasis Of The Seas

Postby TC on 02/11/09, 16:39:43

ho-ly shit. what a statement of excess.... look at this behemoth!

DailyMail wrote:Oasis of the Seas, world's largest and most lavish cruise ship, sails into British waters off Portsmouth coast

Nautical fans got a treat today when the world's biggest cruise ship sailed into British waters.

The 20-storey, 1,180ft Oasis of the Seas dwarfed the Isle of Wight ferry as it made its way along the South Coast to drop off hundreds of workers who have been making the finishing touches to its onboard luxuries.

Enthusiasts flocked to the cliffs of Hampshire in the hope of catching a glimpse of the ship - not that they could miss it. It is three times the size of the QE2 - and five times as big as the Titanic.


It is en route from its shipyard in Finland before crossing the Atlantic for its official unveiling in Florida.

The £855million vessel can accommodate a staggering 6,360 passengers and 2,160 crew in recession-defying luxury, with cabins including 'multi-level urban-style loft suites' boasting floor-to-ceiling windows.

On-board entertainment will be enough to satisfy even the most jaded millionaire, including the aquatic amphitheatre, handcrafted carousel, zip-wire racing diagonally down nine decks and even what is billed as the world's first floating park.

It also features not one but four swimming pools plus various whirlpools, volleyball and basketball courts, rock climbing wall and a 'youth zone' with theme parks and children's science labs.

The ship is so vast it is divided up into 'neighbourhoods' with special themes, including a tropical zone with palm trees and vines among the total 12,000 plants on board.

Last night, at shortly after midnight, hundreds of people gathered on beaches at both ends of the Great Belt Bridge, which connects the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen, to see the ship make its way out of the Baltic Sea.



It was a very tight squeeze indeed considering there was only a 2ft gap between the ship and the bridge as it passed beneath. It only cleared it by lowering its telescopic smokestacks.

'It was fantastic to see it glide under the bridge. Boy, it was big,' said Kurt Hal, 56.

Details of today's arrival in the Solent were kept a closely guarded secret, and the ship didn't come into port, instead meeting a tender for the transfer of around 300 shipyard workers.

But enthusiasts kept a close eye on websites charting its course.

Once the drop-off has been made, the Oasis will make its way across the Atlantic where operators Royal Caribbean - who have already ordered a sister ship, Allure of the Seas - will officially name it before its first cruise, to Haiti next month.

Company officials are banking that its novelty will help guarantee its success.

Sensitive to charges of conspicuous consumption, its builders say it is also the world's most environmentally-friendly cruise ship, reusing all its water and discharging no sewage into the sea.









OASIS OF THE SEAS - Will it fit in my marina?
Length - 1,180ft; weight - 225,282 tons; decks - 16; passengers - 6,360; crew - 2,160
Cost to build - £800million; price for a two-week cruise - from £1,300
630,000 gallons of paint needed to decorate it
2,300 tons of water in its swimming pools
12,000 plants on board including hundreds of palm trees
3,300 miles of electrical cables to keep the lights in its 2,700 cabins blazing
Entertainment includes:

Aquatic amphitheatre; carousel; nine-storey zip wire; volleyball and basketball courts; golf course; climbing wall; whirlpools; 'Youth zone' including children's science labs and 'mocktail bar' serving non-alcoholic drinks.
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Re: Oasis Of The Seas

Postby PZ on 03/11/09, 15:57:32

We're going to need a bigger iceberg..........
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Re: Oasis Of The Seas

Postby Draesk on 10/11/09, 14:26:37

That looks completely fucking ridiculous.
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