Re: merry christmas...

The ice hotel is supposed to be just as cool as it looks. I have relatives who have spent the night there and it's amazing, apparently.

Skellefteå ey? That IS quite up there for sure. A hockey town with one of the better teams to play in the swedish league the last decade or so. I'm down on the west coast, close to Gothenburg, and it's not been anywhere near as winter-y here as in the northern parts. But this last week has been cold and snowy so I guess we finally this year can live up to the stereotype!

Re: merry christmas...

I was kinda bummed that we missed the northern lights - just didn't happen over us unfortunately (we had an app that tracks it too). Her brother is big into astrophotography though, and being so far away from civilization, he got some absolutely cracking photos at least.

The winter conditions are just *not* letting up right now though. They're kinda totally snowed in.

...I would not have objected to getting snowed in and missing my flights home tbh. I had to rebook them anyway and am now waiting on like £1000 of refunds after a bazillion airline cancellations. Might as well have got some more time there out of it.