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Ø Celebrity Death Pool

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Re: Ø Celebrity Death Pool

Postby TC on 03/01/20, 07:10:34

1. Bill Clinton - on my list again. has to go soon, he knows too much. his wife has to silence him.
2. Ed Asner - love him but he's getting up there.
3. Betty White - see above.
4. Neil Diamond
5. Post Malone
6. Willie Nelson
7. Marilyn Manson
8. Buzz Aldrin
9. Barbara Walters
10. Ric Flair
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Re: Ø Celebrity Death Pool

Postby O-dot on 03/01/20, 10:54:41

darkness wrote:Come to think of it, Manson hasn't been looking too good lately either.

I'm surprised he's still alive. He looked like crap when I saw him live in 2012, and since then he's collapsed on stage (more than once?) and otherwise seemed the exact opposite of the picture of health.
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Re: Ø Celebrity Death Pool

Postby Draesk on 05/01/20, 10:44:32

Pfft, after Trump antagonises someone into nuking us back to the protozoic era, Betty White will still be left standing.
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Re: Ø Celebrity Death Pool

Postby darkness on 05/01/20, 16:42:43

Same with Jimmy Carter. I think he's done so much good that death just literally can't touch him now.
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